Friday, February 4, 2011

Best Forex Broker Middle East | World Finance Award 2010

Ava FX - World Finance Forex Awards - 2010

- Best Forex Broker in Middle East

- Most Transparent Broker

- Best Islamic Forex Provider

- Best Forex Broker in BVI

- Best Forex Broker in Canada

World Finance Forex Awards 2010

Ava FX Trading Platforms

On this page you can find all the information on the state-of-the-art trading platforms available for the beginner, sophisticated and experienced trader.

MetaTrader is a comprehensive professional trading platform for forex, commodities, stocks, CFD, and futures markets. It provides all the necessary tools and resources to analyze price moves, execute deals, and use automated trading programs that don't require investor's presence or participation. It can be programmed to form individual trading strategies, use different indicators, systems and scripts.

AvaTrader is a perfect combination of power and simplicity. It ideally suits both beginners and experienced traders who deal with forex? commodities, oil, metals and CFDs. The platform offers an understandable user-oriented interface, high-quality charts, professional analysis and other trading tools for perfect execution and nice profits.

AutoTrader is the ideal platform for those traders who want to take all the forex market has to offer but lack the time or the experience. Investors have to chose a winning strategy from a wide assortment, basing on a numerous criteria such as reward, risk time frame, instruments, history, and more.  Let AutoTrader make the money for you 24/7.

Mobile Trader enables trading and management of the account via mobile phone, in order never to miss an opportunity again. Investors can execute orders, modify positions, change settings, view streaming quotes or close positions, etc. without being glued to a computer screen.