Friday, January 14, 2011

FBS Forex Trading Demo Contest | FBS 999 Fortune Code

FBS Forex Trading Demo Contest | FBS 999 Fortune Code

FBS invites everyone to take part in our brand new demo contest 999

Take part today and you can win:

1st prize – 555 USD

2nd prize – 333 USD

3rd prize – 111 USD

And an additional prize – free FBS Mastercard!

The idea of the contest is pretty straightforward: each participant gets a demo account with 9999 USD balance in it and 1:100 leverage. You can trade 12 major currency pairs and EAs are allowed.

3 participants with the highest deposits by the end of the contest period are announced the winners. It will be them who will withdrawable receive prizes from FBS. And the contestant with the lowest deposit will get a free FBS MasterCard.

We will run this contest monthly. The FBS Free Demo Contest will take place during January 24, 2011 - February 25, 2011

FBS offers a completely new approach to trading accounts variety and services pattern. FBS offer 3 types of accounts, and each of them is designed to fit the needs of certain group of traders. These are cent accounts ( Micro ), dollar accounts with fixed spread and ECN accounts.

FBS operates on Metatrader 4 platform, the world's most wide-spread and comfortable trading software, known for many years among traders. Every customer can use free unlimited demo accounts to try out our trading services and develop one's own trading strategy without any risk of loss.

FBS Bonus and Promotions

FBS offers a new bonus program “25% deposit bonus”. Every time you deposit your account, you get 25% FREE bonus! More funds, more trading, more fun!

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